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Essential Areas of the Kindergarten Classroom

Designing a kindergarten classroom involves creating distinct zones that cater to the diverse needs of young learners. 

Kindergarten Reading Area​

Reading Area

A cozy space with bookshelves and comfortable seating to foster a love for reading and storytelling.

Ages 3-6
4-6 children
Kindergarten Art and Craft Area

Art and Craft Area

Combined with tables, chairs and storage for art supplies, creativity is encouraged through painting and crafts.

Ages 4-6
6-8 children
Kindergarten Play Area

Play Area

A section filled with educational toys, blocks, puzzles, and games to stimulate imaginative play and motor skill.

Ages 3-5
8-10 children

Health Heroes

Fostering healthy habits and well-being through nutrition and exercise
Ages 2-3
8 children

Circle Time Area

An open space with a carpet or rug for activities, storytime, and discussions featuring a whiteboard or easel.

Ages 3-6
10-12 children
Kindergarten Quiet Area

Quiet Area

A tranquil zone with soft furnishings where children can relax, nap, or enjoy some quiet time.

Ages 3-6
2-3 children
Kindergarten Role-Play Area

Role-Play Area

A dedicated section with props and costumes for pretend play, enhancing social skills and creativity.

Ages 4-6
4-6 children

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Xiha Toy can provide a wide range of products and styles, combined with teaching and a 3D design team, for the new and old gardens, indoor and outdoor overall planning to create a new educational space and corner atmosphere.

What Clients Are Saying About Xiha Toy

Exceptional Quality and Durability!

“Xiha Toy exceeded my expectations with their durable and high-quality pieces. The children love the vibrant colors and comfortable chairs. Highly recommended!”

Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Preschool Teacher

Safe and Child-Friendly Design

“Xiha Toy delivers on safety with rounded edges and non-toxic materials. The tables and chairs are perfectly sized for preschoolers.”

Emily Davis
Emily Davis

Preschool Director

Versatile and Engaging Furniture

“Xiha Toy offers versatile pieces that enhance our classroom setup. The kids are more engaged during playtime and learning sessions.”

Michael Brown
Michael Brown

Early Childhood Educator

Exceptional Customer Service

“Xiha Toy’s customer service team was attentive and helped us choose the right products. The delivery was prompt and everything arrived in perfect condition.”

Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson

School Administrator

Our Product

Our furniture is designed to enhance children's holistic development, foster play-based learning, and meet individual customer needs. With a focus on quality and safety, our products provide a supportive and engaging environment for young learners.

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Kindergarten Furniture

Our table set was specially designed for use in childcare. Its modern shape, the super stable, durable construction and the selection of easy-care, sustainable materials meet today‘s requirements for children‘s furniture.

Tested and safe according to EN 1729.

Robust tables with no corners or edges. Our table series offers a multitude of combination options for every group room. The height-adjustable table legs offer flexibility even for age-heterogeneous groups. Rounded corners and edge protection ensure play and learning fun.

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Playground Equipment

Our playground equipment is a highlight on every playground. Depending on your wishes and requirements, a play and climbing landscape can be created that promotes motor skills and at the same time guarantees a unique play experience for the children.

When selecting the materials used, special emphasis was placed on durability. For the construction we use Tali. This is a type of wood that is used successfully when it comes to defying high loads and the effects of the weather.

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Nature Learning Spaces

Painting, writing, researching, observing, experimenting – with our outdoor easels, sand and water play sets and experiment stations young naturalists will find everything an explorer needs.

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Furniture & Interior Design

Whether for relaxing, reading or playing – our furniture offers a highlight for every group room. The bookcase combines ample storage space with a cozy seating area, the store is a playhouse, room divider and storage system in one. Comfortable seat cushions with cute animal motifs, mirrors and mobile book boxes are the ideal addition for reading and playing corners.

Equipped with robust carpeting, shatterproof mirror and transparent floor, the play platforms form play landscapes with enough space for several children to romp, discover and feel good at the same time.

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Play & Movement

Indoor balancing tracks, rolling benches, slide elements as well as climbing landscapes and adventure centers are great tools for promoting motor skills and supporting the physical development in daycare children. By balancing on trails or rolling benches, they can improve their balancing skills.

Slide elements offer loads of fun as well as the opportunity to train their coordination. Climbing landscapes and adventure centers allow children to build their strength and endurance while developing their motor skills. Overall, this play equipment provides a fun and safe environment where children can discover and improve their physical skills in a fun way.

Events Crafting Memories and Discoveries

Saturday, May 14th
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Art Exhibition

Face painting, balloon animals, sack races, 
and a family picnic
Friday, August 5th
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Storytelling Festival

Invite local storytellers or parents to share their favorite tales
Saturday, October 22nd
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

International Day

Parents and volunteers host booths with global traditions, food, and activities

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